Surely you would have read about the quick money you can win in online casinos. And did you actually believe what they were trying to tell you? Well, not all of it is wrong at least. At newzealand-online-casino you get all the information you need, so you will find the best pokies that are not only good fun, but also rather lucrative. Some of those games have even made it into the mainstream media. Giant jackpots should be reason enough to warrant such coverage. This does not mean that you will pop up on every news website and in the papers as well. But there is an outside chance at least that you could also win big.


Choose the right games

Winning big not only starts when you finally get onto that roll on the reels. It starts way earlier, when you choose the games you want to play. Pokies have so many different characteristics, but of course, we would not expect you as a rookie to know all of them. Layouts, variances, jackpots, different kinds of jackpots and so on, they all have an influence on how the experience could be. The layout may not influence your winnings, but the feeling you have while playing the game. One really big influence can be the variance. This is one aspect that combines your gambling experience directly with the winnings - per round and on the whole.

Some players prefer games where winnings come nice and steady. They are happy to win a little bit all the time, even though it might only be a few cents or maybe a Dollar or two. Low variance games are absolutely alright then. Other players need more excitement though. They would need the high variance games, where one needs to be a little bit more patient. Winnings may be few and far between there, but once you crack the right combinations, you gain ground really quickly. In high variance games you definitely need more patience, because you may have to play many rounds to have success though. Just make sure you always read the game description thoroughly.

The big ones - Jackpot Slots

Particularly attractive are pokies where you can not just only win off the payment lines, but also through side games. Or where you can quite simply win a jackpot. Some of those have fixed jackpots, where you know from the game description that if you hit the right combination, you will get so and so much money credited from the game. But while conventional jackpots are nice, how about progressive jackpots? These really get you going on the pokies. Every player who decides to play one round or more automatically contributes to this jackpot. And as long as nobody cracks it too soon, it will grow on and on until it reaches millions and more.

  • Pokies have made many millionaires
  • Learn how to pick the right game to win big
  • Find out about the characteristics of the pokies

The games that have made it to the worldwide media are usually those with progressive jackpots. Some of them have turned players into multi-millionaires. The very highest payouts have been reported as way beyond 10 million Dollars. There is no reason why you should not try it either. Maybe one day you are also lucky enough to win big on the one-armed bandits. It is a long way there however and you may need to reload your account with cash time and again. This is the perfect time to think about responsible gambling. Never ever fall for the temptation of that one extra round that you actually can not afford, even if you think it might be the one you need.

It's all about the experience

Amid all the talk about jackpots, big wins, fancy features and all, one thing should be mentioned above all. An online casino is not and never will be your primary wealth source. It should be a place for some glorious entertainment and of course the odd nice little win. But make sure you never lose your head over some games on the internet. Be happy if you win and win big. Enjoy all the features the games bring with them - and never be shy to try out new games as well. In the end, your greatest win may not even be the money. Maybe you just had the great time on the pokies that you just needed!